Artificial Intelligence Research and Development

Proceedings of the 24th International Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of all our lives. Development is rapid in this exciting and far-reaching field, and keeping up to date with the latest research and innovation is crucial to all those working with the technology.

This book presents the proceedings of the 24th edition of CCIA, the International Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence, held in Sitges, Spain, from 19 – 21 October 2022. This annual event serves as a meeting point not only for researchers in AI from the Catalan speaking territories (southern France, Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Alghero in Italy) but for researchers from around the world. The programme committee received 59 submissions, from which the 26 long papers and 23 short papers selected for presentation at the conference by the 62 experts who make up the committee are included here. The book is divided into the following sections: combinatorial problem solving and logics for artificial intelligence; sentiment analysis and tekst analysis; data science, recommender systems and decision support systems; machine learning; computer vision; and explainability and argumentation. This book also includes an abstract of the invited talk given by Prof. Fosca Giannotti.

Providing a comprehensive overview of research and development, this book will be of interest to all those working in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Editors: Cortés, A., Grimaldo, F., Flaminio, T.
Pages: 388
Binding: softcover
Volume 356 of Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
ISBN print: 978-1-64368-326-3
ISBN online: 978-1-64368-327-0